Weekly Education News Round-up

A round up of the stories in education that have made the news this week:

  1. Extra funding found for schools. Today’s most current news is the response from Government stating that an extra £1.3bn of funding has been released to support schools in England. This funding is for the next 2 years, however, it has already come under criticism from Labour and other parties, who state that the funding is not coming from the Treasury but cuts elsewhere. The Institute for Fiscal Studies says it represents a real-terms freeze on school budgets for the next two years.
  2. The Prince’s Trust this week has stated that Teachers pay a huge part in the integration of young people. They stated that “We must better prepare young people for the future by helping them develop empathy, cooperation, and other ‘soft’ skills such as negotiating a path through differences”
  3. Brexit and Education. Concerns over a skills crisis once Brexit is complete have left many universities to state that focus should now be on further education in order to plug the gap. London South Bank University, are now pioneering a bold new solution to local educational provision which could help meet this challenge
  4. End of term reflections. This time of year can be hard for both students and teachers, but Christian Pountain, a senior leader says the end of the year is a reminder of how great it is to be a teacher. But what we really need to remember at this time of year is that goodbye is rarely goodbye forever. And that where we don’t see a pupil again, our impact can live on. The handwritten letters, the unexpected drop-in visits, bumping into past pupils, as well as appreciative parents, while shopping, even invitations to weddings, are all reminders of the significance of our impact on the young lives we influence.