Teacher Tips

We know that after a long day of teaching you maybe dying to get home, but it is vitally important that a good last impression when you leave. This is crucial to establishing your reputation as a top class supply teacher or teaching assistant and foremost being invited back to the school again.

Below are some common sense steps that each school greatly appreciates , but leaves a reputation of excellence behind.

  1. Please don’t run out of the school as soon as the end of day bell rings. We know you may feel like, but school staff take a very dim view on supply staff that do. There are reasons for this.
  2. At the end of the day leave a note for the returning class teacher. Writing a professional handover note is essential for every Educate Staffing teacher, in order to maintain the high standards we all set and the provision of a first class service. Schools have told us this was a major influencing factor to rebooking a supply teaching. It is good for other teachers to get outside feedback on their class and their progression.
  3. Return things to the right place and leave an organised tidy classroom. We all know there is nothing worse than going into an untidy classroom
  4. Mark the work you set. It’s your professional obligation to the returning teacher to mark the work that you have set. If possible mark to the school policy. Leave encouraging comments to show where the children have done well or tried hard.
  5. Early years and key stage 1 teachers should ensure that a staff member, who is familiar with the parents, is with them when children are being handed over for collection.
  6. Please ensure you sign out and see an appropriate member of the schools management before you leave. They will want to know if you have enjoyed the day. Leave encouraging and constructive comments, and thank them for the day.
  7. Check there is nothing else to do, make sure you have completed and got your timesheet signed by the school and say “Goodbye”.