Survival Kit

To reduce stress and last minute rushing around, you should prepare for your assignment the day before. This means you get to school on time and in a nice calm state. Here are our top 10 Tips for your survival kit:

  1. Make sure you have your confirmation and reporting details from Educate Staffing, so you have the address of the school and who to report to on arrival
  2. Map of the school. This will also be provided by Educate staffing
  3. Your DBS check & Photo ID
  4. Change for snacks, or a very much needed tea or coffee
  5. Trainers in case you cover PE, in your bag (Teachers & TAs)
  6. Packed lunch
  7. Suitable lessons plans (Teachers)
  8. Different coloured markers and pens
  9. A paper timesheet to have signed at the end of the day/week

Entertaining ideas. Keeping a few ideas tucked away in case a lesson finishes early or an assembly is running late. Ways to keep the children engaged and fill excess time.