Summer Term – activity ideas for Key Stage 2

The summer term brings opportunities for outdoor activities as well as the promise of sunshine. Here are some ideas for KS2 this summer term.

  • Fix up the Park/Design your own Park – a great idea for KS2. Ask the children to think about a park they know well, ask what facilities there are and how children & adults use it. Then individually for older classes, or in pairs for younger classes, design a park. Think about all the elements needed for the community, and what extra ideas they think would make it extra special.
  • Word searches – possibilities are endless with this one, the children can design their own to share with a friend, printables can be made for quick time fillers using sites like :
  • Summer plans – Use a template, like this one from the TES –  to get the children to write about their summer plans. Get them to decorate a border around the edge and display in the classroom.
  • Take a line for a walk – give every child a square piece of art paper and put their name on the back. Explain that they will have 10 seconds to draw ONE line on the page. It can be straight, curved, zig-zag, wavy but it must not go off the edge of the page. Once the first 10 seconds is up give their piece of paper to the child next to them. The 10 seconds continue until PASS is shouted by the teacher. Continue until the whole class has drawn one line on everyone’s page and the page is now full with an abstract design. Return papers to each child, ask them to select a zone (5cmx5cm or 10cm) and cut out the picture. This can now be coloured in and finished. Display them on the classroom windows.
  • Flower Still Life – it’s a perfect time of the year to pick wild flowers or flowers from the school garden. Create an arrangement in the centre of the room and ask the children to select their preferred art medium and paint the flowers. Excellent for perspective as everyone is seeing the same arrangement but from different angles.
  • Compass maths flowers – using overlapping compass circles to create designs and flowers that can be coloured in and displayed. Ideas can be found here:
  • Sports and Games – the summer is an ideal time to introduce new games; the school field will be useable and less chance of rain! Think about games not commonly played; quik cricket, baseball, Victorian playground games and so on (
  • Explore Nature – Collecting minibeasts, leaves, flowers, stones etc in the playground, bark/wall/stone rubbings, making nature art with items found…the list is endless.