Summer Term – activity ideas for Key Stage 1

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The summer term brings opportunities for outdoor activities as well as the promise of sunshine. Here are some ideas for KS1 this summer term.

  • Shadows – a sunny day is a perfect time to discuss the suns movement across the sky. Activity 1 – draw my shadow, in pairs, one child faces south, with a funny pose, and the other uses pavement chalk to draw around their shadow. Great fun for explaining how the suns position can change how “tall” our shadows are. Activity 2 – Shadow o’clock. As with activity 1, one child draws around the other’s shadow, but this is repeated throughout the day, helping to explain the sun’s “movement” across the sky.
  • Growing Seeds – ask the children to bring in small plant pots or yoghurt pots. Using a range of quick growing seeds – radish/cress/sunflowers. Get the children to plant the seeds and create a pictorial growth diary. Seeds can also be planted in a variety of ways, cotton wool, compost, thick paper … to observe the differences.
  • Blowing Bubbles – make up a bubble mixture (1 large cup of washing up liquid to 2 large jugs of water). Get the children to experiment with different bubble wands; pipe cleaners, wire (electrical cable/coat hangers), colanders, tea strainers. Observe how the different wands work.
  • Bunting – Give the children enough triangles of card to spell their name or ask the older groups to cut out their own triangles. Use templates to draw around the letters of their name and then decorate each “flag” in a different style, crayon, tissue paper, paint, pastels…. Display them around the classroom until the end of term.
  • Class Summer Poem – Together brainstorm all the words to do with summer, write these on the board. Together, talk through and write a short summer poem.
  • Sand Art – using PVA glue, ask each child to “paint” a summer picture, whilst still wet, sprinkle sand over to create a sand work of art. Add glitter and other objects to brighten the scene.
  • Sun Catchers – using old CD’s and a selection of “shiny objects / craft materials” create sun catchers to display in the classroom windows.
  • Summer Holiday Planning – using a template ask the children to draw & write what they are hoping to do over the summer, holidays with family, playing outside on a bike or scooter, visiting the beach, forest, friends etc.