Educate Staffing realise that recruiting for quality staff is harder now than ever before. With ever tightening budget constraints, spending money and valuable time on advertising and short-listing is seemingly found to be an ineffective source.

“Teacher Shortage”(The Independent, 2016)

“I am head teacher of a large, oversubscribed, high attaining primary school and I cannot get staff. I am not getting a single applicant for jobs – not one.” (BBC News, 2016)

Not only has advertising become somewhat futile, so have the promises from the agency who offers the world. Born from years of experience in the education market, Educate Staffing have moved on from the original vices of recruiting staff to create an exclusive service answering your needs. This service does not mean Educate Staffing simply register every prospective staff member to cross our path, we work in partnership with regional Head Teachers, Ofsted inspectors, and a Deputy Heads to identify which of these prospects align with the expectations we have come together to deliver. Each candidate’s CV is sent to an expert panel of education professionals, previously listed, who verified and vet each CV. The expert panel allows us to only provide you with the highest calibre of teachers to your school.

Listening to you

To achieve this, we must work in partnership in order to identify your way of working. Your dedicated consultant will have already researched your school but sometimes there’s information you just can’t obtain from what’s written down. We would therefore carry out a school visit to further ensure the suitable staff member is sourced for you. As a provider of excellence to you, we ensure we work with only the highest calibre teachers and teaching assistants. Working with Educate Staffing, you will receive an outstanding service from leading education professionals from across the country.

Unique Candidate Video Interview

We then go on to provide you with further exclusivity in a video format. You no longer need to waste time scanning CVs, you can sit back and spend 2-3 minutes watching a video interview of prospective staff.

Educate Staffing Managed Service

Our innovative Managed Service programme is specifically designed to help your school achieve their spending cuts, while providing the best supply teacher workforce possible.

It combines state-of-the-art technology with efficient processes, delivered by our team of expert consultants who take responsibility for all your temporary staffing requirements, whilst producing transparent management information for your school.

The main benefits at a glance


Our dedicated team manage all other agencies so you don’t have to. You only have one point of contact for all teaching supply and permanent vacancies.


Our system not only caps rates and reduces rates, but allows you to view instantly the most cost-effective solution for each and every booking.


We appreciate that it’s essential to have effective rotas in place, based on clear, transparent criteria and supported by robust workforce planning. Our systems are designed to give you all the tools and information you need to achieve this, while simultaneously reducing costs and increasing efficiency.


The system offers your school senior management teams an invaluable insight into staffing costs, with unique tools designed to allow you to control and reduce your expenditure.


With up-to-the minute, live management information, departments will always know what their spend is in relation to their budget.

Increased productivity

Administrative duties reduced for all staff within your school.

Improved cash flow

Thanks to electronic timesheets and monthly consolidated invoicing.

Peace of mind

We provide fully compliant teachers and teaching assistants, transferring the risk management completely from your school to us.

Our managed serviced programme can return savings to your school by

  • Reducing rates through smarter supplier choices
  • Releasing staff to concentrate on more strategic projects
  • Accounts receiving consolidated invoices, significantly reducing processing time
  • A tighter budget control, via live management information, enabling senior management to monitor spend as it happens

Educate Staffing is revolutionising the Education temporary market and we would be delighted to talk to you in further detail.

If you’d like to talk to us about how we can save you time and money, please contact Stephanie Bateman, Managing Director, on 0203 861 8999.