Preparing for an Interview in Education

The key to any successful interview is proper preparation – and your application for teacher training is no exception. The way different schools and universities structure their interviews will vary, as will any assessments you’ll need to complete. You’ll be looking to stand out from the crowd, so before the interview’s even started, there are some important questions you need to ask yourself.” Department for Education

So how can you prepare for a job interview in Education? Whether you are applying for a role as a teacher, classroom assistant or as a member of school support staff, there are several key elements to prepare for;

1)    Have you done your research? Make sure you have information about the school, look at its website to get a feel for the type of school it is. Perhaps look at social media to get a more in-depth view of the school.

2)    Read the job description carefully. Make sure you know what the role entails, what areas you will be responsible for etc. If it is not clear in the description, make sure this is one of the questions you ask.

3)    Present yourself well. Whether your role is in front of a class or behind the scenes, good presentation helps. Smart and comfortable clothes are a must, you are likely to feel a little stressed, so make sure you feel relaxed and comfortable with what you are wearing.

4)    Remember to use eye contact. Engage with your interviewer, whether this is an individual or a panel. Interviewers want someone they can interact with and good eye contact shows this.

5)    Be prepared to answer questions. Whatever the role is you will always be asked “Why do you want to work in ….” Think ahead and plan your answers, be clear, concise and explain your reasons. If you are applying for a teaching role, this site offers ideas on the types of questions you will be asked

6)    And the final question is often If we offered you the job what would you say? Remember to be honest, if your time in the school has not inspired you to work there, say so. Another candidate may find it their perfect role. However, if the school and the team have enthused you into working there, be clear in your affirmative.

Remember there is not ONE approach to an effective and successful interview, but these steps will lead you in the right direction – Good Luck!