Educate Staffing is with you every step of the way throughout your career. We want to help you develop your career and become the education professional you want to be. We take great pride in our selection of candidates, and ensure that we select only the very best to work with us and our schools. On registering with Educate Staffing we will send your CV to our regional panel. This consists of deputy, headteachers, and Ofsted inspectors who will review your CV and/or video and feedback to us with regard to your present career and future CPD that is needed to enhance your career further. This expert panel will also decide if you have passed selection to work with Educate Staffing. You will be informed of this within 24 hours. It is vital to us as a provider of excellence, that we work with the highest calibre of education professionals. On joining Educate Staffing you will be joining a team of leading educations professions from across the country.

As you will know the education sector moves extremely quickly and it is important to keep up with these changes to ensure that your skills and knowledge are always kept up to date. CPD keeps you up to date with the latest techniques, thinking and views in the education sector, and prepares you for new and ever evolving challenges in the classroom. Schools will also look out for the candidates who have kept up to date with their CPD which will provide you with further opportunities to develop your career and you will consequently find yourself in higher demand.

At Educate Staffing we offer a wide range of CPD that will assist you in your career. For further detailed information regarding CPD please speak to you local branch or your dedicated consultant. Please see a few examples of numerous CPD courses on offer:

  • Team Teach
  • BSL Level 1 +
  • Behaviour management strategies
  • Lesson plan support; primary, secondary, SEN
  • Managing conflict
  • Understanding your role and your responsibilities, managing expectations
  • Teaching Assistants – guide to one to one support
  • Child Safeguarding Training
  • Raising standards in Education

When you are working in a school on a day-to-day basis the opportunities for CPD are somewhat limited. However, if you are in a long-term placement there are likely to be opportunities for you to be involved in INSET days – in fact there might be an expectation that you should be involved as you will now be part of the school on a long term basis.

Please take every opportunity you can with developing your career as it will open the doors to numerous opportunities and better yourself as a teacher.

On every assignment we will ask the school to complete a feed back assessment form and we will share this with you so you can gain an insight into what sort of an impression you are making and whether there are any learning areas we can address. We will work together to ensure your performance is of the highest standard and you are getting what you want out of teaching. We are always here to help and everything we discuss is kept confidential.