Classroom Management


“The ability to manage the behaviour of your class effectively is one of the top skills that every teacher needs. Even the most meticulously planned lessons can go to pot if students misbehave.” Guardian Aug 2014

Here are five classroom management top tips to make your teaching day run smoothly and effectively, for both yourself and the children you teach

  • Not one strategy will work with every class; always have multiple approaches in your repertoire. Whether you are teaching the very young or older students, establishing a set of rules, and sticking to them provides the groundwork for a harmonious class.
  • Celebrate the good behaviour; often the good kids miss out on your attention. Focusing the rest of the class on the positive things you see helps encourage the well behaved student and give those with difficulties something to aim for.
  • Use bright resources to emphasise your strategy and rules – if the noise level is too high, use the word NOISE in individual letters, each time the noise level rises to high, remove a letter. When there are no letters left the children have to work in absolute silence rather than chatting to their neighbours. Equally displaying your expectations on bright posters is something you can draw attention to throughout the day if needed.
  • Move the furniture, for some lessons working in rows is more beneficial; however, in a collaborative activity moving the tables so groups of 4 students can work together is better. The classroom furniture doesn’t have to stay the same for every lesson
  • The youngest children especially find it hard to concentrate for long periods of time, if you notice the class becoming very restless, stop and allow a minute or two to take the focus off the academic task, a quick game of Simon Says, or a song like Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. The short burst of physical activity invigorates the students and allows them to focus back on the work in hand.

Remember there is not ONE approach to effective classroom management that works in every situation, having multiple strategies enables you to maintain a calm classroom for all.