Video Interviews

How it works is really down to you with functionality and benefits that differ for both candidates and clients. It can be recorded or viewed anywhere and is compatible with all smart mobiles and computers. If you are looking for a long-term role, this is the best way to secure not just any job but the job you really want.

To record, it’s just five questions, you read the question before recording and re take this recording as many times as you like. For viewing, it can be viewed as many times as you like and shared with anyone else; you simply send the link just like a You Tube video.

Benefits for employers

Discover the person behind the CV

Find and recruit top talent faster, the people that will bring more to your school than just the requisite skills. A video communicates what a CV cannot: energy, attitude, cultural fit and the nuances of individual personality.

Better and faster screening

It helps you screen more candidates in a shorter amount of time, meaning you can uncover the best and worst candidates at the earliest possible stage. Save time and focus on meeting only the right people for your school.

Easily integrated into your workflow

10-second scheduling, shorter interviews and vivid candidate assessment happens all in one mobile-friendly place. Wherever, whenever, easily sharable and accessible: organising your time becomes a breeze.

Benefits for candidates

A greater chance to impress

Show much more than your CV: who you really are and what you’ll really bring to the role. By conveying drive, personality and skills via video interview, the chances of landing that job improve significantly compared to the traditional recruitment process.

Communicate your skills

With video interviewing, showcase your strongest skills and convey everything you can’t plug into a CV. Video communicates much more than just your qualifications: energy, attitude, cultural fit.

Do it in your own time

Complete an interview from anywhere, on any device, at any time. Flexibility is key and we provide the convenience of being able to do an interview when best suits you.